In Minsk prison there is no place for Uladz Yaromenak

The Department of Execution of Punishments does not reveal the detention facility where the activist Uladz Yaromenak was placed to serve 3 months of arrest.

Valiantsina Yaromenak informed “Radio Liberty” that her husband, activist of “Young Front” Uladz Yaromenka  is still kept in the Minsk prison in Valadarskaga Street . Though, according to Valiantsina, the police have already Yaromenak will not be left in this prison. Where can the activist be directed?

“The Department said that it is not possible to leave him at the prison in Valadarskaga . As there cells are overcrowded. Uladz previously expressed a desire to be sent to Hlybokae, closer to his native town Miory. But the lawyer and even in the Department were surprised because the conditions in the detention facility there are pretty tough. That’s why, The lawyer advised me to write a request for Baranovichy . This is not far and the conditions are not bad. However, if Uladz writes a request for the Hlybokae, then his choice is rather to be considered. And they may still choose another variant. It is not known.”

Uladz Yaromenak was sentenced to 3 months of administrative arrest for the violation of the rules of preventive supervision. The supervision was imposed on the activist after several arrests for his participation in actions of solidarity with political prisoners in 2011-2012. This year Uladz Yaromenak was repeatedly placed in detention for alleged resistance to police on the eve of political events. In December 2010, Uladz Yaromenak was detained after a protest rally against election fraud and was held in jail for almost 8 months.

On 11 December, Uladz Yaromenak  showed up himself in the police of Pershamajski district to serve his sentence.

Aleh Hruzdzilovich, Radio Liberty