No phone calls from Ihar Alinevich for 4 months

The administration of the Navapolatsk colony no 10 isolated Ihar Alinevich from the outside world.

This was reported to the website by his mother Valiantsina Alinevich.

“Recently, Ihar won the award for his book “Going to Magadan”, but so far he does not know about it. On the next day I went to the main post office and wrote a postcard, because it can reach him faster this way. If my son has any news, we do not know about it, because there have been no phone calls since the beginning of September. We used to call each other once a quarter, but now we do not have even this possibility”, she said.

The mother of the political prisoner added that in November only two short postcards and one letter were received from him.

“Every time the administration of the colony comes up with something new with the aim not to give Ihar a possibility to call and to isolate him more. In a letter dated November 28, the son wrote that recently punishments were following one by one. Thus, they are trying to isolate him to the maximum from the outside and find some fake violations”, Valiantsina Alinevich underlined.

On 27 May, 2011 the judge of the Zavadski district of Minsk Janna Hvojnitskaya sentenced Ihar Alinevich to 8 years of imprisonment in a maximum security prison. He is now serving his sentence in the Navapolatsk colony no 10, which is notorious for its poor conditions. He together with Mikalai Dziadok and Aliaksandr Frantskevich were accused of organizing a march in front of the Defense Ministry, attacking the casino “Shangri La” and the detention center in Akrestsin, and the arson of the door of Belarusbank.