Shakedowns on the New Year’s Eve in the colony of Eduard Lobau

In the colony of Ivatsevichy where the Young Front activist Eduard Lobau is serving his punishment, a period that prisoners call “New Year\’s shakedown” has begun.  

In the prison language the “shakedown” means a search. This was learnt by the mother of the political prisoner Maryna Lobova during a long-term date with her son, which ended this week.

“I asked him why he did not write for such a long time, he said he was busy and explained what exactly he was doing in his spare time,” said Maryna Lobova.

“He said that before the date he had many things to do. He had to sew labels into winter clothes, since it is necessary to have prison labels. He also put his papers and things in order, as on the eve of the New Year searches begin. They may look for alcohol, as now, before the New Year there are many dates, and someone can manage to carry it through. They have it every year there. The son says that after searches a lot of time is needed to put everything in its places.”

Activist of “Young Front” Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years\’ imprisonment for alleged beating passers-by. The incident took place one day before the 2010 presidential election. The activist in court said about the organized provocation of special services. On 18 December it will be 3 years since the arrest of Eduard Lobau. Political prisoner refused to sign a petition for clemency.

Radio Liberty